About Candles for Kids

Candles for Kids, Incorporated is an official 501(c)3, non profit organization, that gives back to the children in our community by hosting birthday parties for less fortunate children.  We operate solely on contributions from donors who supportour cause and want to breath life in children less fortunate. We understand that their are many causes in the world that you may support, and we admire the love and support of all non profits. However, if you find in your heart that you can lend financial support to our cause, please go to the DONATE TAB  and click on the donate button and follow the prompts. If you would like to donate today, we accept cash,check donations and all major credit cards. Your tax deductible gift will help make a child’s special day, a dream come true. We thank you!


I grew up in Tulare, California. I recall as a child was how much fun birthdays were. Growing up attending a small country school, birthdays served as special moments in time. They were a gathering of those important in my life and I saw them as a celebration of life.  Today celebrating a birthday is about celebrating ones life with those who have been there and helped you get through another year of living in age and wisdom. Candles for Kids gives me an opportunity to link my childhood birthdays with my adult celebrations.  Having the ability to give a child an experience they will never forget and bring to life their importance in this world, made me realize that it’s time to give back. I hope you can volunteer or donate to help us on our mission of providing these parties for San Luis Obispo very own.Your gift is tax deductible and your message is forever a way to give children a day where they can have a chance to see how important their special day is simply because they exist. Thanks for your contribution!


Thomas Jeffrey Edwards


Our Mission

"Candles for Kids" is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization that started simply because I have always loved throwing my birthday party. The only catch was that it became more about my guests than it did about me. Seeing reactions from people in attendance, along with an overwhelming desire to do something greater in the world, helped me to come to this place where “Candles for Kids” came about. Some of our greatest memories of our childhood can be remembered by the birthdays that we celebrated. To some of us, it’s no all that abnormal to have a birthday party. When I thought of the children out there that could not afford this sort of luxury, I knew that there was something that I had to do to make this event an option for others who couldn’t necessarily afford to do so. Through support from our wonderful community, we will make the opportunity available to many and the process will be simple. Through following our heart and the honesty of those involved, we will use our passion to give children moments in time that they too can look back on with cherished hearts.  Every child deserves to be celebrated and to feel the love that comes along with an event of this sort.  Together we can value the life of a child and give them confidence and self worth along with memories highlighting their existence and importance in this lifetime. We invite you to join us and become a part of our act of kindness. Children need to feel important. We need volunteers, donors, host restaurants, decorations, gifts or gift certificates for children ages 5-11. Even by telling a friend and Liking our Facebook Page?, you’re making a difference. Watch for our special parties coming soon and thanks for stopping by!


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