We are always looking for volunteers. If you are interested in hosting at your restaurant, wrapping gifts, making goody bags or even being on our Board of Directors, we would love to hear from you.  Please click below and leave us a message and we will be in contact very soon. Thanks for your time. 

What can you do to help?

Every single second of every single day a child somewhere is being neglected. Today, more than ever before, the lives of children are pushed aside as families struggle in some homes to even put food on their table.  Understandably so, celebrating a child’s birthday can be difficult or impossible for some families.  With the pressure from other children, social media and our selves, many families create this stigma that children’s birthday parties must be over the top.  The lower average amount parents are spending is around $300-$400 per child.  It’s outrageous.  With your help, our non profit not only will throw amazing parties for pennies on the dollar, we will show others how they too, can continue the gift of a birthday party for their little ones, by making it fun and affordable. 


Want to to offer a hand, but don’t have lots of time?  We have lots of options where you can offer assistance:.  


1:  Host a party at your restaurant. All we ask is you can provide food for up to 10 kids. 

2.  Serve on our Board of Directors, fundraising committee, toy drive chairman, grant writing or even making goody bags for the birthday parties. 

3.  As a part of Network for Good which aligns our non profit with Amazon and Facebook.  Thus allows our friends like you the chance to go to Amazon Smiles and choose CANDLES FOR KIDS as your choice charity. They give .5% of all of your purchases to our non profit. 

4.  If you would like to contact us to nominate a child to receive a party or just wanna say hi, click on the CONTACT US button just over to your right. 

5. Honoring us with the gift of currency allows us to go outside of the box and make moments for these children, truly special.  Click on the DONATE tab and follow the prompts. 


The holidays will soon be upon us and what better way to get your business involved in the season. If your workplace would like to host a toy drive as we will be not only be involved in birthdays year round, but we will deliver toys at Christmas time to needy families across the county.  Contact us by clicking the button below and we will drop off the information and collection boxes.  Oh what fun!

Get Involved

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